Ladies you are all invited if you like  to:

What:  a Zoom Bible Study  from the Book - The King Is Coming  by Erwin W. Lutzer

Why: The author's goal is for the participants is "to fall in love with Jesus all over again, to be ready to meet King Jesus, to learn prophecy", etc.

When: Starts this Wednesday for Introduction from the book, May 27 at 10:30 a.m. and every Wednesdays

Where/How: by Zoom at the convenience of your own home, until such time that the church can  meet together

How Long: It will be for one hour every Wednesdays for eleven meetings/weeks including the Introduction.   It has 10 chapters.  

This Bible Study comes with a Book, a Study Guide and around 5 minutes message from the author for every chapter, that will be shared through FB. The messages are also in Right Now Media and I have two DVD's to circulate. I have the permission to scan the book, but I did not ask for the Study Guide.  I can email it to you if you prefer just to study on your own, but of course we would love for you to join the group if that's possible with your schedule. If you prefer a book, I have ordered books from the brother of the author from Regina and it's $15 and the Study Guide is $5 or you can order online. Books and Study Guides are now available.

We have studied about Jesus birth, death and resurrection but not recently about the verses from the Bible that talk about the details of His coming. So I'm really excited about this Bible Study and just getting to know more of Jesus as the Coming King - Our Blessed Hope. The author and pastor Erwin Lutzer, who has served as senior pastor of Moody Church in Chicago for over 30 years, has details in ten chapters what can be known about the future of the world.

So if you want to know that the ten chapters are all about, join us. Please email me at email: [email protected]  if you are planning to join us, so we can invite you for the zoom meeting.

Thank you for taking time to read this.
Blessings in Jesus, the coming King,
Erlinda Blanchette  for the Ladies Full Cup